By The Days (Poetry)

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By The Days is a compilation of Sam Starbuck’s poetry from 2003 to 2013. Sometimes funny, sometimes thoughtful, and sometimes slyly satirical, Sam’s work centers around themes of renewal, social responsibility, understanding of history, and the wonders of daily life.

The public face is all we’ve had
For those who took up fragile tools
And softly tapped the infinite;
Of what they felt about it all
Betraying not a twitch or tic.
If poets laughed dishonestly
As people laugh and talk in crowds,
If writers wept for private loss
And never said a word aloud –
In short if they felt as we feel
(And who denies their human lives?)
Then we can never really know
Except for fictions left behind
What makes a mind as bright as brass
And our life seem as clear as glass.

By The Days is available for sale through Lulu.com and can also be found as an ePub edition at Lulu.

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