About Sam

Sam Starbuck is a blogger and novelist living in Printer’s Row in Chicago, where by day he is an analyst in the not-for-profit world and by afternoon he is harassed constantly by two cats. In past lives he was an administrative project manager, scene designer, dramaturg, and playwright.

What’s Sam Up To?
Currently Writing: The latest installment of the Shivadh Romances, The Twelve Points Of Caleb Canto; also The Ozyverse, an original reimagining of the fanfic Stealing Harry
Publishing Shortly: The Lady And The Tiger, the third in the Shivadh Romance series
Newly Released: Fete For A King and Infinite Jes, the first two novels in the Shivadh Romance series
Published: Nameless; Charitable Getting; Trace; The City War; The Dead Isle; Six Harvests In Lea Texas; By The Days.

Sam also keeps a very active Tumblr and writes fanfiction.

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