About Sam

Sam Starbuck is a blogger and novelist living in Printer’s Row in Chicago, where by day he is an analyst in the not-for-profit world. His literary credits include the novels Nameless, Charitable Getting, and Trace; the poetry anthology By The Days; two art books, The Secret Of Chicago and Dr. King’s Lucky Book; and a non-fiction college guide, Other People Can Smell You.

What’s Sam Up To?
It’s been a minute! In 2021 Sam is hoping to finish old work and start some new.

Currently Writing: The Ozyverse, an original reimagining of the fanfic Stealing Harry
Currently in Draft: Don’t Read The Comments, about online discourse and punching Nazis
Newly Released: Six Harvests in Lea, Texas, a dust bowl fantasia
Published: Nameless; Charitable Getting; Trace; The City War; Dr. King’s Lucky Book; The Secret Of Chicago; Other People Can Smell You; The Dead Isle; By The Days.

When not invading literary fiction, Sam also keeps a very active Tumblr. Here are some featured posts to get you started:

A Mostly Accurate Guide To Chicago
Job Hunt Advice: The Masterpost
Housing Advice: The Masterpost
Finding Charities Part I and Part II
Wise Advice from Robert Downey Jr.
Sam’s Guide to Marvel Civil War
The .doc File Of J. Alfred Prufrock featured on BoingBoing and Metafilter.
Emperors: A betting game with Tarot Cards.
Trying To Communicate

I also write fanfiction, which both taught me how to write and led me to the place I am today.

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