The Found Fortune Deck and Tarot Resources

The Found Fortune Deck is now available!

extribulum site image

Found Fortune is a 50-card reimagining of the traditional Tarot, with a series of concepts, objects, people, and creatures taking the place of the Major and Minor Arcana. You can purchase the deck here.


Found Fortune Booklet: A large print version of the booklet included with the deck.

Found Fortune Source Document: Sources and links to sites hosting the imagery used in the deck.

Found Fortune “Free Copy”: An archive file containing all of the original card images, in case you want to preview the deck or print your own version.

The Four Royal Advisors, 78 Card Version: a Tarot spread for predicting many aspects of one’s life and the future, utilizing every card in a traditional Tarot deck.

The Four Royal Advisors, 50 Card Version: designed specifically for use with the Found Fortune deck.

The Soulmate Spread: a tongue-in-cheek spread designed to appeal to your inner teenager-at-a-sleepover and help you find your soulmate.

Sam’s Tarot tag on Tumblr: an evolving conversation about Tarot specifically and divination/reflection in general.

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