The Shivadh Romances

The first three novels in the Shivadh Romances, Fete For A King, Infinite Jes, and The Lady And The Tiger, are now available in print and epub!

ALSO AVAILABLE: An omnibus edition of all three novels in epub, paperback, or special-edition hardback!

Welcome to Askazer-Shivadlakia, “the little country by the sea” — a coastal micronation perched between France and Italy, one of the few democratic monarchies in the world, with Europe’s only Jewish royal family and a distinctly queer-friendly culture. The irreverent but earnest Shivadh people have recently elected a new king, Gregory III, son of the previous king Michaelis, and there are a lot of changes afoot for the country and its rulers.

Fete For A King introduces Crown Prince Gregory, who needs both a husband (sooner rather than later) and a caterer for his coronation. His assistant and friend Alanna won’t help with the husband hunt but has hired Eddie Rambler, an American celebrity chef with a penchant for kitsch, to cater the coronation. He’s not who Gregory would have chosen, but he’s a surprisingly good chef, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s both handsome and obviously into the king-to-be. Gregory was looking for a much more proper chef and a more appropriate husband as King Consort, but Eddie just won’t stay out of his mind, or his kitchen. (Roughly 50K words.)

Purchase Book 1: Fete For A King: Paperback | Epub

Infinite Jes follows Gregory’s widowed father Michaelis into retirement, a difficult transition he isn’t making easier by moving out of the palace and avoiding appointments to dictate his royal memoirs. When nonbinary broadcast journalist Jes Deimos and Jes’s teenage son Noah happen into his life, he isn’t expecting anything more from them than a little help making a podcast. Still, Jes — surprising, different, challenging Jes — is starting to inspire emotions he didn’t think he was capable of anymore. Now if only Noah would stay out of life-threatening trouble for more than a month at a time, Michaelis might be able to figure out exactly what those feelings are. (Roughly 50K words.)

Purchase Book 2: Infinite Jes: Paperback | Epub

The Lady And The Tiger finds Gregory’s assistant, Lady Alanna Daskaz, transported across the border to Galia, a nearby micronation that claims she’s the heir to their throne. Bringing her best friend Gerald, Duke of Shivadlakia, along with her, Alanna sets to work figuring out how to escape becoming Duchess of Galia without destroying Galia in the process. Jerry, who has a complicated life at the best of times, is trying to solve a few problems of his own along with helping Alanna solve hers. None of this is made easier by the fact that Alanna’s had a secret crush on Jerry since they were at school together, and Jerry’s just starting to believe he might be someone worthy of the Lady Alanna. (Roughly 70K words.)

Purchase Book 3: The Lady And The Tiger: Paperback | Epub

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