COMING SOON: Fete For A King and Infinite Jes!

Fete For A King and Infinite Jes, a pair of queer romance novels, will be released concurrently in June. Set in the fictional European seaside micronation of Askazer-Shivadlakia, they chronicle the lives and romances of the Shivadh royal family, a political dynasty in transition from one generation to the next.

Fete For A King features Eddie Rambler, celebrity chef and king of kitsch, who has been accidentally hired to cater the coronation of handsome, charming Crown Prince Gregory.

Infinite Jes is the story of King Gregory’s father, King Emeritus Michaelis, and his new colleague Jes Deimos, a broadcast journalist returning home after a life abroad to rediscover their home country.

sixharvests cover for extribulum

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