Not all of these essays are aimed at defining or exploring the concept of Extribulum. Many focus on the joys, trials, and differences resulting from being a Writer On The Internet.

Fiction And Control
A reaction to several discussions of the way literature and the internet interact. This essay posits theories as to why older writers, particularly in the science fiction genre, tend to shy away from the internet, and discusses the benefits to be had from publishing both original and transformative writing online.

Extribulum and Fanfic
A discussion of the interaction between creators of original media and the fanfiction (or “transformative works”) that engage it. The essay focuses on the difficulty for authors in experiencing how their audience interprets their work.

Computers And Writing Conference
Part One | Part Two
In the spring of 2010 I attended the Computers and Writing conference at Purdue, which explores the way the digital community and the literary community interact, including epublishing, digital teaching tools, the storytelling functions of online roleplaying games, and vidding as a function of literary interaction, among other things. These are my notes from that conference.

The Afterwords:
| Charitable Getting | Trace
This is a collection of essays from the backs of my novels; you can see repeated themes in some of them, but all of them deal in some way with my personal journey alongside the book.

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