In Uncategorized on September 26, 2012 at 11:10 am

I do a lot of reading of publishing news, particularly about the intersection between traditional publishing and the internet. Shocking, I know. And it’s reached the point where, when I read:

“[Internet innovation] is threatening/ruining/destroying [Brickspace cultural norm]!!”

what I actually hear is one of two things:

a) “I’m afraid of computers and I think I might lose my job.”

b) “I don’t like that now I have to pay attention to people I could formerly ignore.”

There are things I don’t like about the internet. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter. I hate that Tumblr doesn’t have threaded comments. But I’m not claiming that Twitter is destroying literacy or that bloggers posting book reviews are ruining literary criticism.

“You terribly uneducated people! How dare you have opinions about erudite things!”

Anyone who thinks the internet is doing anything but encouraging people to read and write more, encounter and learn more, think critically more and express themselves more, is either an idiot or, more likely, afraid that they’re going to have to share power they don’t want to share.


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