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I do a lot of reading of publishing news, particularly about the intersection between traditional publishing and the internet. Shocking, I know. And it’s reached the point where, when I read:

“[Internet innovation] is threatening/ruining/destroying [Brickspace cultural norm]!!”

what I actually hear is one of two things:

a) “I’m afraid of computers and I think I might lose my job.”

b) “I don’t like that now I have to pay attention to people I could formerly ignore.”

There are things I don’t like about the internet. I’m not a huge fan of Twitter. I hate that Tumblr doesn’t have threaded comments. But I’m not claiming that Twitter is destroying literacy or that bloggers posting book reviews are ruining literary criticism.

“You terribly uneducated people! How dare you have opinions about erudite things!”

Anyone who thinks the internet is doing anything but encouraging people to read and write more, encounter and learn more, think critically more and express themselves more, is either an idiot or, more likely, afraid that they’re going to have to share power they don’t want to share.

The Dead Isle Is In The Wild!

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This morning marks the release of The Dead Isle, my fourth novel, and I am a bundle of nerves. If you’re interested in a signed copy, check out my post over on LJ; if you just want a copy of the book, you can find it for sale as a paperback or ePub, or for free as a PDF.

I’m writing this the night before, as I rig up all the necessary publicity stuff, the post on LJ and the edits to this website to reflect its new status as a book for sale, not just a book “coming soon”. It’s times like this I see why publishers have PR departments. I have eight windows open, not counting my LJ posting client, and tomorrow all of them, one by one, just need a push of the button for the book to go live.

In a way, it’s a good thing. It makes it a routine, makes it something to do and not something to freak out over. Everything’s lined up, just waiting. And soon enough off the book goes. And, at least in theory, I get on with writing the next one. In practice, usually it takes about a month to recover. I think perhaps I have some sort of compulsion where I can’t start one book until I know the last is safely out the door.

At any rate, life goes on; my laundry guy picks up my laundry and my grocery guy drops off my groceries today, and if that doesn’t tell you what a lazy ass I am, nothing will. I have food to cook and dishes to do. And out there in the world, some printing press somewhere will start work on the first run of the final The Dead Isle for public consumption.

Actually that’ll probably happen on Tuesday, given it’s a weekend at all, but it’s much less poetic to say it’s going to happen on a Tuesday.