The City War is coming!

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2012 at 9:00 am

I’ve spoken a little bit on this blog about my process for writing and submitting the novella that has eventually become The City War, and the way publishing with an actual press differentiates from publishing independently. They’ve given the go-ahead to announce, so it’s with great pride that I can give you all a release date:

The City War will be released digitally as part of Riptide Publishing‘s “Warriors of Rome” series, and will go on sale for $4.99 on November 19th. My fellow writers in the collection will also be releasing around the same time, starting on November 5th and going through November 26th. As with the novels I’ve published independently, I’ll be putting up a page on this website for The City War, and making another post when it’s released.

As a bonus, readers who pre-order any of the books will get them two days early, and readers who buy the full collection as a package will get 20% off the price they’d pay for all of them separately.

The collection will also be published in paperback; The City War, being a novella rather than full novel, will be released as part of a two-story set with another novella, sometime in early December.

These are stories about ancient and classical Rome, focusing around the warrior culture it encouraged, and I’ve been very pleased to work with Riptide on my own contribution, which is set late in Julius Caesar’s reign and concerns the politics of a country torn between democratic republicanism and imperial dictatorship. There’s politics, seduction, a few fights, and a lot of jokes about horses that I could have made but didn’t. Artistic integrity, yo. I had a lot of fun writing it, and the Riptide folks made editing it a pleasure, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

(And check out my author bio!)

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