Holy Shit Matt Forbeck

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2012 at 9:00 am

So, Matt Forbeck decided to write twelve novels in twelve months, and then he monetized it. How brilliant is that?

I’d say something intelligent here about his article but honestly, he pretty much says it there. Which is a nice break for me, not saying intelligent things, they take a lot of work.

I don’t write to support myself. I mean if I could, I would, because wow, but I’ve pretty much settled comfortably into writing because I love it and working a day job because I love eating and air conditioning. I actually quite enjoy my work, too, and it gets me out of the house, since when I don’t have five days of work a week I tend to spend most of my time avoiding human contact. Which is not ideal when one wants to write about the human condition.

Anyway, I’m incredibly impressed and envious of Matt’s accomplishment, but I’m not going to try and emulate the Kickstarter side, because taking other peoples’ money for a product I haven’t yet produced is kind of high pressure for me. But I love the idea, and believe you me I have twelve novels kicking around in my head waiting to be written if my ass could just get in gear. So I’d kind of like to try this next year. Or maybe fire it up when Dead Isle is done, whichever.

The problem of course with speed writing is that twelve novels in twelve months is not necessarily conductive to good writing. It can be! It can be excellent writing, but it isn’t always. On the other hand, that’s what second drafts (and third, fourth, fifth, did I mention I’m on Dead Isle draft seven?) are for.

But it’s important to me that people not conflate “write a novel in a month” with “have a finished, polished novel in a month” because the people who do that are the ones who piss off the haters and the twin orbits of Fools and Haters ruin Christmas National Novel Writing Month for all of us.

I just think this could be an excellent way to stop me dithering about what to write next, which just results in writing a lot of fanfic. And don’t get me wrong, that’s fun, but it’s not quite so lucrative, and I genuinely enjoy writing original fiction.

Crap, I better break out that list of novel ideas. And stockpile sleep now.


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