Start Your Difference Engines!

In Uncategorized on April 16, 2012 at 11:07 am

I’ve talked a lot about the reader-writer relationship here, and a lot about my new novel The Dead Isle as well, and now they’re coming together like brass and leather in an editorial steampunk extravaganza.

Starting on April 20th and going through May 14th, I’ll be posting a chapter a day of the newly rewritten The Dead Isle to my fiction blog, The Original Sam. I won’t be posting daily updates at WordPress, but I will make an index post on the 20th which you can check daily for new chapters. And if you’re on LiveJournal you can always friend the blog and get updates on your friendslist!

I am inviting all readers to come out and review the chapters as they go up, pointing out everything from typos to anachronisms to just plain poor writing. (It happens to the best of us. At least, I hope.) This is the extribulum process, a part of building the bond between writer and reader rather than between seller and buyer, making the reader an integral part of the editorial process. It helps me to understand what stories people want to hear and how they want to hear them.

So come out to read and critique The Dead Isle! And if you have friends who are interested in editing, steampunk, fantasy, alternate history, or digital publishing, tell them too! The Dead Isle is family-friendly (there’s very little swearing or violence and no sex) and while I may be biased I think it’s a heck of an adventure.


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