Trace is coming!

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Colin Byrne is a pickpocket, an artist, and an occasional consultant for the police. He’s also an ex-felon, an initiate into the feral, unspoken magic that only prisoners know: how to vanish, how to tell fortunes, how to steal souls. Now the man who put him in prison wants him to return to Railburg State Correctional Facility to help investigate a case.

Colin has some allies at Railburg: his mentor Gutierrez, who talks to God, and his friend Noel, the best ink artist in the prison. But another powerful prisoner that Colin helped put away is slowly poisoning the food, and there’s impulsive young Laney to protect from the Aryan Brotherhood. With mysterious forces aiming to incite a riot that will wipe Railburg from the map and from human memory, Colin has bigger problems than the one he went to Railburg to solve…

The official release date for Trace has been set: Saturday, November 5th. (It’s not exactly a coincidence that this is Guy Fawkes Day…)

At 10am on November 5th, the Trace sales pages on Lulu.com will go live, both for the print edition ($12) and the epub edition ($3). A PDF version will, as ever, be available for free from the print edition sales page.

A reminder will be posted here at WordPress, but if you’re looking for something special, you can also keep an eye on LiveJournal, where Sam will be offering signed copies to benefit charity. $30 will get you a signed copy of Trace including postage, and all profits will be divided between two great causes: The Innocence Project and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.

See you on the 5th!

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